Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New dog in da house


Not really in the house, haha, technically, he lives beside the house, near the store room :p This is our new pet dog, Pepsi. New when we first got him during the end of September last year, really, but I was too lazy and somewhat forgot to blog about this puppy!

Why Pepsi?

Good question. No, we didn't name him that. If we did, his name will be Poppy. As far as I remember, our first pet dog was Poppy. Our second pet dog's name was also Poppy. Our third pet dog's name was Paddy, because he was already called that when we got him. Now, why Pepsi? Kah Wai adopted this doggy from a vet's clinic when he was a wee pup. There were another 4 puppies with it at the workgrounds where Kah Wai kept them. Kah Hoe said they just named the pups with whatever came to mind then. Hence Pepsi.

Yea, the other 4 pups were named Cola, Sprite, and something else.

Erm, I'll leave it at here for now, just wanted to show Pepsi to you all reading this. I've too much to say about this dog; it's just full of mischief, gonna save those stories for later :)

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