Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lights on!!

I finally got around to make the rear lamps work again this evening cause I wanted to go riding at night!

Then it rained :(

Haha, anyways, pics!!
This time, I've routed the wires nicely, no more loose ends!

Yes, bright enough to save me from riding straight into a pothole at night!

Still trying to find fuel tank emblems, I might have a set made for it if all else fails! Need to find someone with access to aluminum and a CNC machine now!


Vampire said...

Hey bro, remember me???:D your bike look funny, can drive on the road anot? got roadtax?

leong soon said...

Can register, but its too darn small and dangerous for the streets, sommore I don't like putting number plates on it, so I didn't register it hehe! You've finally gotten another KE?? LOL, I always see your ex EG6 around now :D

Russ said...

Hey bro, good to see both you and your blog still alive and kicking! The Z50M is such a cool bike. I can tell you're very attched to it, so I wont bother making any offers to buy it from you, haha.
Nice long exp photos and good paintwork on the bike. The pics of the younger you riding it are so cute too.. what happened to you man?? ;)

leong soon said...

Haha, thanks! I've made some progress with the bike, but haven't posted pics yet. As a matter of fact, I've done a lot of other stuff but never got around to updating my blog, getting lazy :D

What do you mean by what happened to me? Do you mean me getting fatter from pics in Facebook or something? :D :D