Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year everybody.

2009 started very well for me, but unfortunately, too many unhappy incidents have happened in the past few months. I've had too many regrets in 2009, not attending my own graduation and having misunderstandings with Yen, so I'm determined to make 2010 rock.

For 2010, I wish to have a change of surroundings and see new things. I've been procrastinating for quite long, but I'm gonna finally make a move. I wish for nothing but good health and happiness for my family, they're all that matters to me along with Yen and my friends.

I'd wanted a fresh start, but unfortunately for Yen & me, we handled our relationship problems badly and even on New Year's Eve we're still not done on the matter. It has gone on too long and has occupied all my mental capacity for the past 3 months.

All that I hope for now is that Yen and I can finally settle our misunderstandings and start over.

Yen probably doesn't read this, but if you are, I'd said this and I'd say it again; I'll love you no matter what, let's forget what's unhappy and start over. Sorry.


Vince said...

You guys are still young and there is so much life out there!
Don't really think that you have family commitment (not as much as i do). So you should enjoy your life more (see more, feel more, learn more, improve more!) A little bit too much MORE!

Happy New Year!

leong soon said...

Haha, I don't know what to say Vince, but I hope I'm not wrong in that things are already getting better, thanks!