Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hyundai Starex
New family hauler! Pretty awesome thing, had it since end of October! Bro got a new Saga too, which I promptly "broke-in" for him :D

Mercedes Benz V230
Finally shot more pics of the V230, cause I never cared much for it in the first place, other than a very memorable trip to numerous spots in Thailand last year. It's been placed for sale, haha, well, I hope you go to a good owner, not that hard considering you're more than mint anyway, and thanks for being my spare car for quite a while but I doubt I'm gonna miss ya!

Citroen Xantia
Over the past few months, the Xantia has had it's aircon fixed nicely, got a new cylinder head, new paint, seats refurbished, and even new mats!

Citroen Xantia
I can't believe I've been driving my favourite car since 2004 and never had a proper pic taken with it! Here's one finally, sadly, also the last I guess. It's been a swell 5 years with my Xantia, it wasn't always a good run but the car has been with me through a lot. It definitely impressed a lot of people with its style, space, comfort and even shocked more with its cornering prowess. My friends are definitely gonna miss it too. I hope you get a caring new owner and can continue to smoke others on the road. Maybe we'll meet again someday. Maybe you're gonna smoke me, but I'm probably gonna smoke you. I'm gonna miss you, please don't wreck or burn yourself till then 2013. I'll always remember you fondly.