Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chan Hung Lit

I am probably one of his youngest and most unlikely fan. I adore and will miss his acting, especially in "Best Selling Secrets". He was a great actor, irreplaceable. If he ever came to Malaysia I'd probably join squealing fans to get his autograph. 陈鸿烈 you were awesome.


kev said...

haha, not really a fan of chinese movies and all. but i hope you get it. i only met 3 famous people in my life and thats only andy lau, raymond lam and rob schneider! lol

btw, its bout time u updated ur blog lol

leong soon said...

Haha, that's lucky of you; I don't think I've ever seen any famous artistes in the flesh. Yea, I know it's about time, just not feeling like it yet :)

kev said...

LOL, I pretty much slowed down on blogging and most updates on my car are listed on ZTH. The blog has such an BB code unfriendly site. Perhaps wordpress could be a bit better, but I might be wrong!

You can look at the Rob Schneider picture in my Facebook, I have his autograph signed by him too. Also, he was here for the showing of Deuce Bigalow : European Gigolo! Best part that is he half Jew, half Filipino and could converse in Cantonese with me. I was shocked indeed!

I met Raymond Fong in Kampar, when he dropped by in town, especially that he performed in a short concert in Kampar's KTAR hall. I was practically the 2nd in town to meet him and get an autograph from him! Hahah!

I met Andy Lau when I was 7, during a transit from Bangkok to Hong Kong in 1991. I only took a picture with him in real life and lost it during the move from my old house. But most people have seen it anyways!

But yes, just curious to see what you have done to your monkey!

leong soon said...

Raymond Lam izzit? LOL, I don't care, I wanna meet Linda Chung!!!

Haha, the Monkey I haven't touched much lately, I did ride it a bit and gave it a nice wash, but that's about it.