Saturday, September 5, 2009

Z50M's new seat!

Honda Z50M
It's done! I wish it could look lower, but this is as low as I can get it to be using the original seat hinges! I'm still contemplating whether I should make shorter hinges, because, as nice as they'll look, I can only make it lower by slightly more than an inch before the seat pan hits the hinge lock, and at that height, the seat practically doesn't fold down much anymore, maybe less than an inch, so it's gonna beat the purpose of the hinge in the first place :P

Honda Z50M
The seat cover material I just chose from one of the many generic types at the upholstery shop, had the GSX 110's seat wrapped in the same stuff. I'd wanted it to have a tartan pattern on top like the original seat, but the material is so hard to find, checkers, stripes, maybe yea, but tartan or plaid, nope no luck, so I'll just settle with this for now. I like the texture of this material, but tartan just shouts bonus style points! I don't care, I'm still keeping an eye out for the tartan material, and when I do find it, I'm probably gonna make another seat, maybe do away with collapsible seat hinges and have it fixed dead and low, should be nice :) Now, maybe I start messing with the handlebars? ^^


kev said...

good job! i see you bought a honda, i too bought a honda! lol, check out my blog and see what honda i got, hahaha

anyways, i dont have your phone number, but me and my mates, during the purchase of my honda, saw this in the local restaurant nearby and i heard its up for sale. the car road tax was dead since 2005! but its an interesting collector item for a citroen lover like you indeed ;) you can msg me if you want details where the car is located

leong soon said...

Hehe yea, just saw your blog updates, my google feed has been a bit slow the past week, hell the whole internet's slow for me. Wow, S600, I thought those only come as convertibles, very uncommon :)

The Citroen CX looks immaculate, at least from the pics, clear headlamps and signals are always a welcome sign :) Car in Penang? Haha, unfortunately I don't have the storage space, money or guts for another old Citroen , not unless it's an SM anyway :D├źn_SM

leong soon said...

Haha oh btw, the Z50M, I didn't buy it; my dad did, about 2 decades ago! It has been fixed, painted, ridden, crashed, fixed many times over the years. Last it ran frequently was about 5 years ago, that was when I gave it half a crappy red paintjob before my dad coated it in black. Then we stored it again :D I finally couldn't bear looking at it collecting dust in the store room anymore, now I'm pointlessly pouring effort and time on it haha, wanna make it nicer this time, and hope it won't get crashed again :D