Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thank you

.. to the girl at the clothing store who remembered me and let me change the unsuitable pair of jeans I'd bought on a whim with a nicer pair, even when I couldn't produce the receipt!

.. to my family and everybody in the past 2 weeks for everything related to my birthday!

.. to Trish my sis, my birthday is wayyyyy over, you really need not get me another cake, so thanks again!

.. to Mr Jasz for treating me to lunch. Fark la next time tell me if you're full and don't feel like eating, I wasn't hungry either, why both want to purposely go out to stuff ourselves silly and suffer?! Next time give ang pau can ady, no need lunch :D

.. to all my close friends for celebrating with me too, seriously, I enjoyed the company, and the fact that there isn't another cake for me to stuff down that day! Someday I will not get negative points anymore when playing snooker! I will not let Bou pocket all the balls anymore!

.. to Uncle Mun who made a new seat pan for me after finding out the first one is unsuitable, all because I messed up with the measurements and was vague about how I'd wanted it to be, and refusing to take extra pay, as usual.

.. to Uncle Wai who made me a new seat bracket promptly (not exactly easy work), reinforcing the seat pan, lending me his tools and workspace, all for almost nothing.

.. to boss for the cake (surprised the hell out of me) and the raise (another week, another surprise)! On the other hand, I feel really bad for slacking off at work, I really do, I'll slack off less from now on and make myself a little bit more worth the pay!

.. to Yen and everybody who has been putting off with my temper and randomness lately. I know I'm being weird, I wish I weren't so but as luck would have it my self control muscles are way fatigued lately.

.. to whoever's reading this! You're really patient hor? All this same random stuff and same-looking pics of the same bike from the same angle every week and you're still here :D

Thank you everybody, at times, you all make me wonder what I'd done to deserve all this kindness. I will keep my temper and tongue in check, I will be nice. You all remind me of this everyday.


Ivan said...

OMG !? u miss out something !! where's the " THX YOU " from you for my beautiful Mug to you !!! :P

leong soon said...

Got ah got ah! It was already included in number 2 n 5, cuz if I'm gonna thank everyone that way, this post will take up the whole page, so thank you very muchie again :D

kev said...

happy belated birthday, dont have your facebook or mobile, so cant do nothing, but surely with a bike like yours, it will put a smile on your face, as it has for mine, with my honda

leong soon said...

Hey thanks! Oh, never thought about it, found ya on fb, friend request sent! I'm kinda efficient at this stuff :D