Thursday, September 10, 2009


Haha, it was fun!

I took a day off work today to witness Wennice's marriage registration with 40+ other couples at Chin Woo Hall, managed to con Bou and Jessie to go along! I'm kinda glad I conned them into coming because that meant I got a ride to the hall and need not hunt for parking! Met Wennice's boyfriend, Wai, husband as of now, for the first time after hearing of him for years, nice dude just as I'd always thought he is! The whole marriage event thingy was funny; I saw couples come in elaborate garbs, in normal wedding attire, some a bit more casual like they were dressed for dinner at a nice place, and the most normal looking couple in their everyday clothes, they could have just came from work after lunch for all I know! Pretty interesting, it's my first time attending such an event, but I managed to fall asleep twice while the couples were signing the papers nonetheless :D

After the ceremony ended at about 3pm, me, Yen, Ivan, & Bou returned to the office for the party, too bad Jessie didn't apply for leave and join us! Fanny's already arrived when Bou and me got back to the office after buying soft drinks, as well as lots of other people! The afternoon was super, so many friends and relatives gathered, good food, drinks, it's a happy afternoon!

Come evening, I rushed home with Sis to take a bath, sent her back to the office, and off I went to dinner with Ivan & Wennice's family at SLHF! Bou arrived with Yen and Jessie a bit later!

When dinner was done it's off to yumcha at Old Town in Gunung Rapat, did some sightseeing around the neighbourhood too before that because Ivan and I couldn't agree on the location of Ye Huai's home; in the end it turned out I was right!!

This afternoon, I was a bit worried about breaking out two friend's little secret. I mean, he's always been frank with me, but it totally caught me off guard when he lied twice to me, it just sort of occurred to me that it's really not typical of him to be this way at all. The other one is just always bashful but unsuspectingly truthful to me. I felt a bit bad exposing and making fun of them the whole day (ok la, for the most part I was enjoying it, he's had it coming a long time k). Tonight though, they are so much more themselves again after the secret's out, probably immune already after being made the butt of jokes for the whole day. Secret's out, ain't no need to hide anymore right? I'm sorry I'm kepoh, but don't your hearts feel lighter with nothing to hide? I'm happy for them, let's see how this goes :D

Haha yea, sooo, this supposedly hollowly meaningful date has been a memorable one for me, good times!


Vince said...

I thought you might register. :D
You know.... "take the plunge". XD

leong soon said...

Haha, I'm too old for the you jump I jump stuff, marriage's too much hassle too; I think I'll just elope when the time comes :D