Monday, August 24, 2009

New seat pan!

Honda Z50M
First one's clumsy, this is the second one Uncle Mun made for me. Looks nice huh? I like the rake and shape a lot! Unfortunately, he made the front end narrower as I requested, too narrow for the top front seat brackets to fit in, totally my bad. I'm kinda torn about the seat height, but it's a conscious decision to keep the seats foldable. I can make it fixed dead at a lower height, put more cushion, have it look nicer and be more comfortable at the same time, no problem, but that's missing the point, the foldable seat is unique so it stays.

Anyway, I rode the bike with only a piece of rag between my butt and the frame. So painful, so not funny. Sis had a go too and her heels were almost right below her butt, yikes!

I dig the shape of this seat pan a lot though; blends pretty nicely with the fuel tank, so it's a keeper. I'm gonna get a narrower front bracket made tomorrow, fix the seat first, might make shorter stays for the seat so it can be lower and still foldable.

The bike looks kinda good without the fenders, no? The look is starting to grow on me, and at this rate, I might never finish the fenders up :D

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