Friday, August 21, 2009


Honda Z50M

Having a hundred thoughts in my mind all day long every day is no fun. I can feel my brains heating up constantly these days. Not enough RAM in my head for so many processes. So many questions, so little answers. So many paths, so little directions. "When in doubt, take the next small step". Pok kai, really so easy ah?!

This week I came into contact with a really old and dear friend through Photobucket, not Facebook or Friendster hah! 9 years of course doesn't break the record that is standing at 11 with my primary schoolmates, but hey, isn't this just great? The internet and cameras are just facking awesome, imagine life without it; I can't :D

Oh yeah, I've decided to get rid of the Z50M's current seat. It'll probably look nice with super-low handlebars and seat huh? Indecisiveness sucks, asking for everything is fun though. I should sooo go to sleep and dream already.

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