Saturday, July 4, 2009

Xantia ran away again

Dad got home at a bit after 1am this morning and was surprised when I opened the door for him.

Dad: "You're home already? Where is your car? Broken down again? How did you get home?"
Me: "Broken down? Where got, mai parked opposi...... Eh wtf? Car not there oledi?"

...and sure enough, my car wasn't to be seen beside the field in front of my home where I parked it an hour ago.

Me: "Haha, fark la, must have rolled off somewhere again"

The road has a slight downwards gradient towards the left of my home, the first time this happened, the car rolled backwards and took a right corner at the junction to the left at my home, then bumped into a tree and stopped at 30 degrees on the road.

I brought my car keys out and started looking for my car. Dad thought it was the car on the right of the junction but it was the neighbour's KE30.

Disarmed my car alarm. BEEP BEEP from the left. And there it was, nicely reversed and tucked to the left of the junction, in a very dark corner. Parked nicely! Apparently it rolled pretty slow this time; a little curb was all it took to stop the car this time :D

I started the car and parked it back, this time remembering to apply the handbrake firmly, we had a good laugh about it and woke Mom up. Hot parking brakes on the front wheels and locked steering, good for letting your car roll and hide around corners :D


Touge King said...

Maybe you ought to place a wheel/parking stopper the next time you park :p

Vince said...

Leongsoon, it the rear drum brake? if yes then bring it to the workshop and tighten the handbrake lines. Better be safe than sorry. Imagine if your car rolled down and hit someones new CLS 55. hahhaha

leong soon said...

TK, haha, what do you mean stopper? The tree is my stopper :D

Vince, haha no it's discs all round, but the parking brakes are applied to the front discs on the Xantia, so if the discs are hot when parked, they will eventually cool and shrink a bit, losing some grip. Anyway, I think I just didn't apply the brakes properly this time :p