Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Went to watch it at Jusco just now. TK, din bring me go shopping! Poh and Ye Huai arrived less than 10 minutes before showing time, but went on into the arcade for a few games :p The air table hockey thingy was fun, I was lugging a handbag and Catbus doll while playing. Watching Jessie and Yen compete was like watching a table-wiping competition, Poh and Hansen on the hand were trying to grind the table surface off ^^

Maybe it's because I went it with very low expectations, or maybe Michael Bay really is awesome, but the movie was sorta, well, awesome :D I think it's more the former and a bit of the latter la :p Eh GPY I don't get what you say about Isabela Lucas lar, hot? Hey eyes, geng? Yer, I cannot stand looking at her la. Thank goodness for loads upon loads of Megan Fox scenes! The Autobots and Decepticons were pretty cool, but of all the cheesy dialogue and sometimes scringe-inducing scenes, the Constructicons' wrecking balls o' steel really got me thinking. Really? A huge menacing android needs to have balls? And just dangling there? Really?

Haha, enough ranting :p

Oh, btw, Yen wanted doughnuts but they were sold out tonite, so she drew me this later:
Next time dear, next time :)


Ivan said...

seems nice for the night ^^ ... i was not there hoho ... but yea .... Isabela Lucas you mean u cannot stand on looking on her SEKSI body or she's unattractive for ya? ;D !! she's hot for me but when she turn herself to be a ROBOT that's really horrible + scary for me hahaha .... still Megan Fox FTW =) ... SEKSI + PRETTEH !!!!

leong soon said...

Haha, cannot stand as in I don't wanna see her. It's just me I think, but she's trashy. Megan Fox FTW!!!

"Ku-ru" said...

wat laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....its not big deal laaaaaaa...saw ivan new pic...macam magician jerr????lol

leong soon said...

Ceh, that day you said Isabela Lucas got how hot how hot! Ceh ceh ceh! Not hot at all. Megan Fox FTW!!!!

coolest3 said... cute i love her drawingXD

leong soon said...

Yea, she does a lot of those; I have a folder full of em hehe!