Sunday, July 19, 2009


...I killed my mouse. Again. It was coming on and off while I was working on something, so up the ceiling, against the wall and on the floor it went with one swipe of my arm. R.I.P. my el cheapo RM12 mouse. You won't need to suffer whenever I dig my nose while using the laptop anymore...

...and today afternoon is a pretty dulan afternoon, stupid fuel tank kept giving me problems. Must be about the 6-7th time I'm applying putty and paint now. Dulan is an understatement actually, but I always have things my way. I want the fuel tank to be all nice and almost perfect, and I'll make it that way, so I'm gonna effin sand the whole fucker down, lard it with shitloads of putty and sand all the skin off my hand away with it if it's what it takes. Gahhhhhhhhh!!

I also put the seat brackets to the machine brush, then sanded on em with all my channeled anger, with rough grit sandpaper. Uncovered lotsa bare metal that last saw sunlight in Japan, circa 1967. I was gonna skimp on the brackets, but somehow the fuel tank made me more determined to make things good, so yippey yay yay to nicer seat brackets now! Oooh, so the surviving original red paint on the bike under all those newer paintjobs is actually very similar to Vermillion, might even be Vermillion, very nice, but my new colour scheme is gonna be better!!!

Stopped early today cuz I'm zonked out, just laid on the floor and stared at the effin clouds that were happy to block sunlight and throw some mini drizzles on me today:

Then I got a boh liao idea:
For this stupid idea, I nicked the freshly painted frame!!! Gyahhhh!!

...I have lots more work ahead to get the bike together, gotta stay patient and not rush things out.

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