Sunday, July 26, 2009

This weekend, I...

1. Celebrated Wennice's birthday. We had a blast playing with the Bingo set Eric got her.

2. Lost 2 bucks playing Bingo. Won 7 :)

3. Finally had a good night's sleep, especially when I was already pretty zonked out during the party.

4. Helped Yen fix some stupidly mounted lamps at her workplace.

5. Managed heaps of progress with the Z50M.

6. Attended neighbour's birthday. Celebrated mom, son, and 2 daughter's birthday all at once. All in July :)

7. Found out that they have an interesting culture of feeding each other cakes. With 4 birthday boys / girls + a few more relatives. Yep, there's a loooot of cake feeding. I'm not sure if all Indians do that though. Also found out that they are all very good dancers!

8. Made quite a few new friends. Though I'm lousy at remembering names :p

9. Went from guest to host when Dad invited our neighbours to the "clubhouse".

10. Taught kids how to play pool and darts.

11. Learnt how to do Bollywood dance. Just a bit :p

12. Drank little, but felt so drunk and happy like I haven't had in quite some time. Darn beer, especially warm ones, they make me feel queasy. Uncles kinda scared after I kept pounding them with glass after glass on the rocks. I just like the flavour as is, undiluted.

13. In a stupor, placed the keys into the same pocket with my E900. Put on a lot more scratches than I've had in all the nearly 3 years I've had it.

14. Slept like dead again.

15. Woke up a bit groggy. Freshened up and put the bike back together.

16. Went to Lost World with Yen and my family. Played for more than 2 hours, was pretty fun, and the scorching weather only made dipping in the pools so much more fun. Had a second lunch at the restaurant outside. Food is so so now but the breeze is good!

17. Played snooker.

18. Played darts.

19. Played ping pong with neighbours.

20. Rode the scooter.

21. Rode Bro's bicycle. Dad fixed up 2 I think. My bicycle's on next week's to-do list.

The past few days have been very tiring, but I feel so much more alive than I've had in quite some time, keep it coming!!

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