Friday, July 10, 2009

Monkey Toolbox!

Right if you look here, it is clearly seen that the Z50M has a toolbox attached at the end of the bike frame, just above the rear fender.

Dad said the toolbox on our bike isn't there when he bought it, but I wanted one anyway. Trying my luck online, it's possible to get one for about RM160 not inclusive of postage. Wow. I'm just gonna stick that toolbox there, doubt I'll ever put as much as a spanner in there haha, so, no thank you.

I thought of getting one custom-made, so I went to Yuen 哥's place yesterday morning. He had pipes in the right diameter, but the walls are, like, 6mm thick on each side O.O"

I don't need a cannon la, so I dropped by Uncle Cheong's place and ransacked his place :p

Saw an absorber. Took it to Indian uncle opposite. Uncle sawed it off for me.

Uncle Kim Kooi was suggesting PVC caps, then I noticed some old oil filters on a barrel behind him.

Me: "Can ah?" *points excitedly at used oil filters"
Uncle Cheong: "Sell also 30sen each only ma, take la"

So I took, went opposite, and borrowed the circular saw machine again.

Walked out front and had Uncle Mun weld me a bracket.

All in all about 20 minutes later I have this:Photobucket
The yellow body part is from the car absorber shell. Caps are sawed-off Kancil oil filters. Haha, nice eh? I just need to finish it off a bit, get some seals for the caps and I have myself a proper toolbox.

The cost? RM3, Uncle Mun's pay for welding the bracket! It's pretty darn cool knowing everybody in the workshop grounds hehe :D :D

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