Saturday, July 18, 2009


Speaking bout lawns in the last post, I just remembered I have some old pics of the Z50M!
Honda Z50M
I was about 6 or 7 then..

Honda Z50M
...yep, the lawn at our old home is kinda huge. There's an approximately 10x15ft swimming pool filled up and hidden behind the jalopy, Dad borrowed a tractor and dug it out himself about the time I was born, and after many years of seldom use, it was filled up to make it safer for us and our pets. Pets, those are some of the many rabbits and bunnies we had in front of the stone bench. I loved them all dearly, but after one too many of em got preyed upon by the goddamn cats, we had to give em all away, sadly, hoping they'll be safe.

Honda Z50 M
Yep, Bro's riding pillion. He's only 5 then? Not too long passed from then before he started riding too! Oh wait, so the swimming pool hasn't been filled up yet when this pic was taken. See the blurry white patch at the top left corner? That's the pool's edge, I'd just realised it could still be seen in the above pic too :p

More awesome than the old home's lawn is the huuuuuge field opposite! Access from our door front is by means of a narrow plank mounted over the 2ft+ gutter, with an elevation of 1ft+. I think I never fell before la, so I could ride the bike over that plank again and again without batting an eyelid. Die la now, prod me with a bbq stick also I don't think I can make it anymore!
Honda Z50 M
This is 1/3 of the field in the pic I suppose, and Kok Wai is behind me. The bike had a Suzuki TS100 rear fender Dad modified to fit then. Tailight is the enduro one still used on the bike until now! I love this style in the pic, but Dad mentioned that as the TS100 fender has a huge radius, it really is kinda unsightly near the chainguard and engine. 19-inch wheel fender on 10-inch wheel, haha, I guess it's true.

Honda Z50 M
Last pic I have! Miss those helmets, mine's White, Bro's Navy, both styled kinda like the one Tsujimoto Natsumi wears while riding the Motocompo, I wonder if I can still get those!


Vince said...

The word......

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Hehe yea, thank goodness for cameras; can't imagine my life without em!