Saturday, July 4, 2009

Here scooter scooter!

Haha, before I forget again, we have a new two wheeler at home:
350 bucks including registration. Seriously? I never knew they were this cheap. I mean, I can and do spend about that much money on a plastic model kit, and that money could actually buy a real working scooter? Woot :D It was meant to be a parts bike for a project, but Dad thinks it's a bit too good to be parted out, so this will be the new grocery getter for now. Nice number plate too, "Business Die Die Prosper, 生意死发", better than the last one anyway, "Dicky won't grow, 67不生" :D :D Hm, I've never rode a scooter until the day we got this, Tuesday or Wednesday I think, pretty docile, and quite amusing at low speeds; I'm surprised how stable it is at a crawl, it doesn't even feel like it's gonna topple anytime soon!

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