Monday, July 20, 2009

Cupboard cleaning!

Had to make space for some clothes, so I cleared a compartment in my cupboard. Found lots of old stuff inside; college assignments, old uniforms, belts, and among them, these boxes:
Haha so these are the boxes for my handphones, camera, watch, and diecast cars. Coincidentally, all the electronic devices that came with these boxes are all still around and they all work! The blue plushy is a 2007 birthday gift from MC, Sauw Leng & Wan Jun, and it's sitting on that cute puppy pudding container that can double as a coin bank! Also in there is my personal snooker cue, not that I have much use for it since I suck at the game anyway. Kai Ye gave it to me years ago, might be some nice brand, might not be, donno, don care, not a fan of pool. The cue is pretty straight, I'll give it that, and it made poking my sister's rib from afar all that much easier. The axe, I've forgotten how long I've had it, very well made and it drips quality even if the handle is awkward, my uncle did a very good job crafting it!

Oooh, and, again, while cleaning up another cupboard, what can I find, but another pile of unopened ang paos? Weeeeeee, I think I'm gonna clean up my stuff more in the future!

Ang pao opening session!!!!

Mr Blue Plushy will be keeping guard :D


Ivan said...

gosh im cleaning my room as well recently =s ... wondring is it all the Virgo also cleaning their room @_@ ? lol ....

leong soon said...

=.=" I don't believe in horoscope ler; I just have to put my clothes somewhere hahah!