Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Z50M's new carburetor!

Honda Z50 M
OK, back to this! As you can see, the Z50M is now equipped with a Keihin side draft carburetor from a Honda GBO!

While the Keihin down draft unit works perfectly fine, it doesn't connect to the airbox (the black round thingy with a funnel) and that's always bugged me, so I figured best do something about it before I give the bike a respray!

Here's how it looks like originally, but these carburetors are way too rare and pricey, we're talking RM400 onwards per pop! The price doesn't bother me at all, but my current plans are more resto-mod than a period correct restoration, so something more modern fits the bill nicely, and that's where the GBO unit comes in. I gotta say my thanks to the boss of Ban Hin Loong for putting up with me bothering him for days. I've tried quite a few carburetors until I found one that fit! I bought an EX5 unit earlier and it wouldn't even fit into the gap, so I hauled the bike out to the parts shop just to be safe!

Haha, anyway, so I finally found a carburetor that somewhat fits, but couldn't find an intake manifold that fits the application, so it's off to the machine shop we go!


As you can see the insides are smooth , but the exterior is just plain old rough and fugly.

2 hours later:
Looks way way way way way way way way way nicer rite? For 2 hours I patiently put a file to it and ground away! Manual labour! I wish I could use the huge buffing machine but the sanding wheel isn't good anymore, so a small sanding wheel and electric drill was all I had. I think this is about the most I can do, I could probably clean off a bit more weld, but that's it. It's plain iron, so rust and corrosion is imminent, oiled it up now and sending it off to be chrome plated once the GT750's parts are ready!

With the new carburetor, the bike doesn't leak fuel anymore, idling can now be set lower, rev and power comes a teeny bit slower now, but they do drop a lot slower on easing the throttle now, so the bike has more torque coming out of corners. The bike jerks noticably less during gear changes too, nice, and I just love the new induction sound, it's beefier! As an added bonus, the bike is a lot smoother when slowing down, and the crackle pop sound I love so much is still here, woohooo!

Here's how it is now. Need to reroute the hoses for a cleaner look, and the airbox opening obviously does not line up to the carburetor now, so I've got more to do! Yay, no more ugly carburetor setup to bug me!

Oh, btw, had lunch at Akamomiji with my family this afternoon, my treat, since for Father's Day last week we all gave Dad conjunctivitis too, and had to stay home, Sis was the only one who wasn't infected :D Anyway, Akamomiji, I'd say the price is lower than what I expected, and the quality of food, higher, nice! Thanks for the heads up TK, or I wouldn't even notice it's there :D


Touge King said...

You are welcome bro!

Like the Keihin carb, would love a vid of the bike :)

leong soon said...

Heheh, broadband speed is kinda ok lately, maybe I'll take a video and post it :)

autobroxe said...

if you whant sale your z50m just email me to

leong soon said...

Haha thanks for the offer, but no thanks :)