Tuesday, June 16, 2009


...or rather, the problem with them. There's this huge drain near my office, huge enough for a 10-wheeler to 3-point turn in it and then some. Lotsa people pass by it everyday. There's the occasional monitor lizard or 2 or 3 doing their thing down there. People see it, people pick rocks, people throw. At the monitor lizards. Just what the fark is wrong with you guys? All have been bitten by scaly reptiles in the ass or kuku when you were small izzit? Phobia oledi izzit? Or do you just plainly have an irrational fear for things you do not understand? Dude, you're, what, 5 feet tall at least? The reptiles are 3', maybe 5', max. You're up on the road, it's down in the drain. It's not interested in you, it ain't bothering you, much less gonna harm you. So biatch, please, do the lizards a favour and just leave them alone, go do something else or throw rocks at illegally-triple-parked cars, go buy pao even though you've just eaten, or you can just stare blankly at the drain, anything, just leave the lizards alone.

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