Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mission Parts Hunt Friday - FAIL

I spent the later part of Friday (05062009) running into motorbike shops with a printout of the Z50M, hoping to score some parts. Some glanced at the picture and gave a cold "no", some just smilingly shook their heads, some were more enthusiastic and even suggested places I might get lucky (though I've tried my luck at those places previously, no luck), the funniest must be an Indian kid who just kept shaking his head saying "tak ada lah, tak ada lah", but he kept holding on and staring at the pic, and it wasn't until I've kept my hands up for a few more seconds did he hand the pic back to me. The outcome wasn't unexpected; I was just pushing my luck a bit hoping some stores will stock unique parts for a rare bike that wasn't even sold here, yea right, like they will have plastic emblems that was only fitted on one single model year bike. Haha, anyway, the highlight of that morning was meeting an oldtimer stocking parts for some classic kapcais. He doesn't have what I want, but told me he could get something similar if I could wait, and tried to interest me in a 70cc block. I left him my number in case he has something new, and after more small talk, it turns out that he knows my father back when Dad was still racing and working as a mechanic, woot ^^

Anyhow, the first place I visited on my parts hunt is none other than Ban Hoe Seng (local Honda dealer), the uncle at the office saw the pic and told me I'd have better luck in Thailand, haha, ok, I know that and have asked a friend to keep an eye out already earlier. Out at the entrance, by the way, is this other reminder of an era when simple motoring was kinda chic:

It's a Honda P25, and despite it's name, is actually powered by a 49cc single OHC engine operating at the lower left of the rear hub, with other components housed in the hub itself, and check the fuel tank behind the seat! It was introduced back in 1966, so that makes it slightly older than the Z50M coming in at 1967, and apparently that blue is an original colour, though I'm not sure if it is the original coat of paint. Doesn't matter really; I think the colour's blah anyway, the only vehicle I remember pulling off that colour nicely is the Isuzu Bellet R6!

Here's how you pull off baby blue and still look uber manly :D
IF, IF I have a car like this (I can always dream), I'd so daily driver it, smouldering clutch in traffic be damned :D

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