Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday: Evening Edition

Sooo, I thought since the engine only needed new piston rings and a carburetor service, I reckoned it was a pretty conservative plan that I should be riding it around happily by 1400, just in time for a bit of after lunch leisure. However, unforeseen circumstances like the sudden discovery that the exhaust valve needs to be replaced, the fuel valve needs reworking, and the extended search for nozzle lapping paste made it sure that at 1430, I was still grinding valves :D Oh, Dad was also having a "nice time" grinding some 05 oversized piston rings for better compression ^^

And.. due to erratic, but welcome rain throughout the day, we're done, about 3 hours later! Dad's tuning the carburetor a bit here, since it's not the original piece, and the inability to fit a filter on it makes it a bit cranky.

Funny, this bike was originally 50cc, and Dad installed what he thought was a 70cc engine back when he got this bike more than a decade and a half ago; the engine turned pretty fine then so he never took it apart for service. As it turns out, it is actually a 90cc unit from a C90. Coupled with the extremely small wheels, no wonder the bike have managed to throw 98% of it's riders off even in third gear, myself included ^^ For the record, Yew Loon, the 2%, had actually been dislodged from the bike, but somehow he managed to still hold the handles and chase the bike (now doing a full 80 degrees wheelie, 90 degrees and possibly way way more if the rear mudguard wasn't scraping the tarmac already) down the street, and eventually slow it down, on his own feet. So practically, he was the only one ever thrown-off the bike but not fall on his butt while the bike went freewheeling into a nearby wall. It was an epic moment, I think we all cried joyful tears at the thought of not having to rebuild the damn thing again, who cares if he fell and broke his bones, lol. Oh, and ever since that day, Yew Loon never once rode the bike without starting off in 3rd gear anymore ;)

Wee, it's done, off to rack up some mileage!

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