Monday, April 6, 2009


Woke up at 0600, and from then till 1300, proceded to clean 4 graves and visit one more shrine. Very tiring. Btw, there were lotsa people at the shrine and a lot of them were holding a bunch of incense high up in the air to avoid singeing the skin off others in the crowd. They remind me of runners carrying the Olympic torch ^^

Got back home, bathed, ate lunch, and sat glued watching Sweetness In The Salt on DVD for hours, Tavia Yeung is so beautiful!!! Took a nap, had dinner, bathed, and watched DVD again till 2230. Then online, and to bed soon. Yes, I'm a pig :D

Also, never, ever, call your girlfriend and sing a Happy Birthday song, to Jessica. Not when your girlfriend's name is not Jessica. No, I don't have another girl called Jessica. Yes, it was meant to be a joke, but some people are too thick in the head to understand. But 4 years and she cannot even trust me? Oh fucking please, it's so damn disappointing. Nobody feel sorry or worried for me please, because I'm truthfully very ok; I can stop giving fark about people, and I can even finally make the decision to let go of my beloved car. Suddenly, all these tough decisions become so easy. I just had to let something out. Thanks for reading and goodnight everybody!


Ivan said...

LOL !!! " Jessica " angry jor HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD ......

leong soon said...

Yalo, what to do :(