Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sis turns 14 :)

14?! It's been that long? Man, I'm nearly a decade older than her, and fark, I feel old now :(

We had a small BBQ at home last night; was a small thing, just some relatives and friends. Today, we had dinner at Scotch, my treat :) Aunt Amy and Uncle Yoke Theng came after we've ate the birthday cake, with another 2 birthday cakes :D


Ivan said...

haha yea someone getting old jor luu, XD... but i can see ure a Great or good son / brother in your family XD yet !!! my Good Grandpa HAHAHA XD ...

leong soon said...

Yea, 23 is old... seeing so many mui mui zais when I go out at night doesn't help either :D