Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mom's Birthday!


We had dinner at Delight last night as it was Mom's birthday, and even though he food is always good on the few occasions Mom n Dad went, it kinda disappointed this time, and IMO the food is only worth slightly more than half of the RM600+ we paid for dinner. The servings, as my brother concisely and effectively put it: "Hm, not bad, I'm most satisfied with the Coke, tastes like Coke should" Go figure. To their credit though, the ingredients used were fresh, and the captain and waitresses were pleasant people and did their job well.

Yen made this for Mom! I made Mom a card as usual, but haven't got a pic of it.

My camera sucks at night so pics are blurry as usual. Believe me when I say some faces in this pic have been stitched over from other shots. Couldn't tell which ones? Muahahah, bow at my awesome photocopy, aiks, photoshopping skillzz then :D

It's true that the food isn't good, but we had a great time nonetheless, thanks to great company :)


Ivan said...

wow ... the Peach from Yen very nice !! ... can eat 1 ? or just for display ? XD .... very nice =)

leong soon said...

LOL, eat your head la, so "wai sik" haha! Hehe, she made something for you and Trisha, and Trisha's gotten hers. Maybe I'll give yours to some one else :D

strawberryyen said...

har~!! u wan to eat it ah, then u try to eat lo!! after Go to hospital Not my fault woh....wakaka