Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boyish Mui Mui

Here's Mui Mui, looking adorable, and like a boy. Yen's doing :p Don't worry Mui Mui, I still love you!

Chop chop chop! Ow my finger!!!

Went to clear some overgrowth behind one of our shops this morning:

What it looked like just an hour earlier:
One of the trees was like, 2 stories tall.

There was so much growth that we had to clear lots off before the gate can even open!
I have some new blisters and cut from the endeavour. Amazing how little weeds can totally overrun a place if you leave em to their own devices long enough, makes you think huh :)

It's still here...

...even though I said I'd sell it and get something more worth the trouble. Haha. But can I really?

Change of plans, it's crazy. Here I am so near one of my dreams, 2 years ahead of time too. And I suddenly think of abandoning it all in search of something else. I'm not giving up anything. I plan to put in wait again one dream, go around it in a huge circle, and grab everything in one swoop. Is it ever too much to ask for everything? I'm feeling a bit crazy and I'm loving it!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Just got my Seiko Chronograph back and realised I never took any pics of my watches, and thanks to my recent ability to NOT procrastinate anymore, I set off to do so immediately!

This is not everything; I still have watches from my primary school days in my collection, I just messed with the ones currently not hidden in some random drawer :)

Casio Edifice. I wore this during my Senior days, reaching back to even my Junior 3 days, that's 9 years ago! I had the batteries replaced a few weeks back when my usual watch ran into problems, and wore it for a few days, but I think it looks too small on my wrist now :p Unfortunately, it's an electronic watch after all, and even though the casing and bracelet is in excellent condition, the illumination doesn't work anymore, and the minutes display is kinda cuckoo sometimes :p

Timex Expedition, probably one of my least-used watch, no thanks to metalic items in my pockets doing funky things to the compass ^^ This has been with me for, hm, since 2003, hehe.

Seiko 5. Not mine; I bought it for Grandma a few weeks back :D I've always liked it since I saw Bou and Uncle Leong wearing one each; it's kinda like the Z33 Z and S15 Silvia to me: I think it's pretty, but not my cup of tea. Anyway, it's a super worthwhile buy because for RM230 it is an automatic, and it also comes with Day & Date display!

Yep, automatic! Not beautiful, but purposeful! I'm happy to see Grandma wearing it a lot, more than her last watch anyway, hope she really likes it :)

Timex Indiglo. Woot, I last wore this piece in Senior 2 I think! Back then, this was the first non-digital watch I've wore after a long time going digital with my Casio Databank, Forester, and Edifice, so when a classmate asked me for the time the first day I wore it, it took me a long time to be able to read the time! Thinking back, that moment still makes me feel stupid :p I'm surprised, but it's still running even now though the illumination doesn't work anymore too. An Indiglo with non-functional Indiglo, hm... Anyway, since I deemed the Edifice too small-looking, and another Caterpillar too scratched, I've been wearing this piece for the past few weeks while my usual watch is away. Pic doesn't do this piece justice, the watch looks 30x better in real life!

Hehe, and finally, my usual watch, this Seiko Chronograph i got from Dad on my birthday in 2004. I love it so much and it's absurd how I've spent RM200+ fixing what cost only RM500+ brand new. Siaoness typical of me anyway, could have gotten another Seiko 5 with the money ^^ I just got it back with it's 2nd new glass case today because installation of the first one was botched. Came back to me 2 weeks ago after a mechanical and glass case replacement with dust and fingerprints inside, and a glass case that is unevenly-fitted. As if that wasn't bad enough, moisture got in soon after too. Obviously I was dissatisfied; bollocks to feasibility regarding cost of postage and repairs, or even what the old watch is worth at all now. I want it looking mint and nice, and sent it back again. Well, it's back today, free of charge, and with a different, better-looking protruding glass (the original and first replacement was flat). It's also surprising how I used to polish my old watches every week, but never polished this one in the nearly 5 years I've owned it, so I spent 2 hours Autosol-ing the hell out of it and it looks very shiny now! Satisfaction ^^v

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mom's Birthday!


We had dinner at Delight last night as it was Mom's birthday, and even though he food is always good on the few occasions Mom n Dad went, it kinda disappointed this time, and IMO the food is only worth slightly more than half of the RM600+ we paid for dinner. The servings, as my brother concisely and effectively put it: "Hm, not bad, I'm most satisfied with the Coke, tastes like Coke should" Go figure. To their credit though, the ingredients used were fresh, and the captain and waitresses were pleasant people and did their job well.

Yen made this for Mom! I made Mom a card as usual, but haven't got a pic of it.

My camera sucks at night so pics are blurry as usual. Believe me when I say some faces in this pic have been stitched over from other shots. Couldn't tell which ones? Muahahah, bow at my awesome photocopy, aiks, photoshopping skillzz then :D

It's true that the food isn't good, but we had a great time nonetheless, thanks to great company :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sis turns 14 :)

14?! It's been that long? Man, I'm nearly a decade older than her, and fark, I feel old now :(

We had a small BBQ at home last night; was a small thing, just some relatives and friends. Today, we had dinner at Scotch, my treat :) Aunt Amy and Uncle Yoke Theng came after we've ate the birthday cake, with another 2 birthday cakes :D

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This was and used to be a stupid, spur of the moment, sohai emo post. Due to the unexpected and totally undesired worry it caused, it has now been replaced with...


It was a really small matter, really.

I'm fine. Thank you all for your concern! Thank you very muchie and 谢谢你的爱! :D

Monday, April 6, 2009


Woke up at 0600, and from then till 1300, proceded to clean 4 graves and visit one more shrine. Very tiring. Btw, there were lotsa people at the shrine and a lot of them were holding a bunch of incense high up in the air to avoid singeing the skin off others in the crowd. They remind me of runners carrying the Olympic torch ^^

Got back home, bathed, ate lunch, and sat glued watching Sweetness In The Salt on DVD for hours, Tavia Yeung is so beautiful!!! Took a nap, had dinner, bathed, and watched DVD again till 2230. Then online, and to bed soon. Yes, I'm a pig :D

Also, never, ever, call your girlfriend and sing a Happy Birthday song, to Jessica. Not when your girlfriend's name is not Jessica. No, I don't have another girl called Jessica. Yes, it was meant to be a joke, but some people are too thick in the head to understand. But 4 years and she cannot even trust me? Oh fucking please, it's so damn disappointing. Nobody feel sorry or worried for me please, because I'm truthfully very ok; I can stop giving fark about people, and I can even finally make the decision to let go of my beloved car. Suddenly, all these tough decisions become so easy. I just had to let something out. Thanks for reading and goodnight everybody!