Sunday, March 29, 2009

My work, featured in a dA article! Again!

Haha, yea, it's this one again:
RAUH-Welt Porsche 911

Erm, I'm having mixed feelings this time:

1. I'm happy my work has been included with others that are of such quality, I'm truly humbled by them.

2. Why is this the only piece of my work ever featured? Are the others no good? Makes me kinda sad; I'd always thought the Z and cream-coloured Karmann Ghia is pretty swell.

3. Ashamed. Yea, I am. I've been so lazy and haven't been churning anything out at all. I've been working on Alpine A110, Honda NSX, Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale, De Tomaso Pantera, VW Beetle, and even a Matryoshka doll! I've even promised to draw Jessie a new Beetle and M6, just because I like those too. But, yea, all still WIPs and none near completion :(

4. Somewhat proud. Hell yea baby! One more chalk line on the board for me please!

5. Somewhat motivated. 20 years of procrastinating is somewhat hard to shake off. I feel that I'm making headways, I sincerely do, but I said that too last year. @#$%^&*(

Gotta try harder, just gotta improve! Let's hope it's a different piece featured next time, not that I mind another on the 911 at all, but still, more IS more sometimes :p

Edit: WTH is up with Google Chrome and having no word-wraps? As cool as Chrome is, dismembered words are getting on my nerves. OCD at work again!


Ivan said...

dont need to draw Bettle for her XD !! draw me a " Smart For 2 " !!!! =D

leong soon said...

Haha, ok, sounds interesting, I can do that, find me a nice pic of a nicely-modded one. I don't do stock standard looking cars unless they're really sexy!!