Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour

Any of you reading this turned off your lights for it? I did. Seriously. Hell yea :p

It wasn't THAT inconvenient, we still have illumination from the laptops and a small lamp I left open; I don't believe in saving the Earth if I cannot even save myself from falling down and getting hospitalised again :p

Nearly the whole street I live in is dark, safe for 2 houses on the opposite, but then again the other neighbours all either sleep early or don't turn their lights on at night, at all. Also thanks to the rain and the streetlights malfunctioning, again, it was almost pitch black outside my house. No joke, almost couldn't see shit.

Earth Hour nearly went past soon enough, and, feeling a lillllll bit proud having done my part for Earth and being part of something big, I started my car, which proceded to spew menacing black diesel smoke into the atmosphere and I floored it as I've to meet some Fei and Khong Chuan for drinks in Greentown, bollocks to saving fuel for now, hey, I switched off the lights ok!

It was 2120 as I was driving out, smoke happily gushing outta my Xantia's exhaust pipe in some highly accelerated Brownian Motion as I made my way to Greentown, that I noticed...

...that nobody, nobody outside had turned their lights off at all.

Nope. Bright as ever.

Screw la, Malaysians still have effin long to go :(

Edit: Blogging from Safari now, and hey, it did not dismember my words! YAY!!! But I still cannot change my search provider to Wikipedia without installing plugins, lamer. And hence, the search for a browser that looks and function to my expectations continues...


Wong C. MartiN said...

I wanted to participate but wasnt in town during EarthHour.
My sis offed everything instead :p

Well, I dun think it does a big part on saving the earth, but instead, more like creating awareness n showing that we care about global warming.

leong soon said...

True, I'd want my grandkids to still be able to see penguins and polar bears ^^