Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour

Any of you reading this turned off your lights for it? I did. Seriously. Hell yea :p

It wasn't THAT inconvenient, we still have illumination from the laptops and a small lamp I left open; I don't believe in saving the Earth if I cannot even save myself from falling down and getting hospitalised again :p

Nearly the whole street I live in is dark, safe for 2 houses on the opposite, but then again the other neighbours all either sleep early or don't turn their lights on at night, at all. Also thanks to the rain and the streetlights malfunctioning, again, it was almost pitch black outside my house. No joke, almost couldn't see shit.

Earth Hour nearly went past soon enough, and, feeling a lillllll bit proud having done my part for Earth and being part of something big, I started my car, which proceded to spew menacing black diesel smoke into the atmosphere and I floored it as I've to meet some Fei and Khong Chuan for drinks in Greentown, bollocks to saving fuel for now, hey, I switched off the lights ok!

It was 2120 as I was driving out, smoke happily gushing outta my Xantia's exhaust pipe in some highly accelerated Brownian Motion as I made my way to Greentown, that I noticed...

...that nobody, nobody outside had turned their lights off at all.

Nope. Bright as ever.

Screw la, Malaysians still have effin long to go :(

Edit: Blogging from Safari now, and hey, it did not dismember my words! YAY!!! But I still cannot change my search provider to Wikipedia without installing plugins, lamer. And hence, the search for a browser that looks and function to my expectations continues...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bo Pit & Bo Pet ^^

Yen made these:




Thanks dear, I'll take good care of them! Muaks!

My work, featured in a dA article! Again!

Haha, yea, it's this one again:
RAUH-Welt Porsche 911

Erm, I'm having mixed feelings this time:

1. I'm happy my work has been included with others that are of such quality, I'm truly humbled by them.

2. Why is this the only piece of my work ever featured? Are the others no good? Makes me kinda sad; I'd always thought the Z and cream-coloured Karmann Ghia is pretty swell.

3. Ashamed. Yea, I am. I've been so lazy and haven't been churning anything out at all. I've been working on Alpine A110, Honda NSX, Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale, De Tomaso Pantera, VW Beetle, and even a Matryoshka doll! I've even promised to draw Jessie a new Beetle and M6, just because I like those too. But, yea, all still WIPs and none near completion :(

4. Somewhat proud. Hell yea baby! One more chalk line on the board for me please!

5. Somewhat motivated. 20 years of procrastinating is somewhat hard to shake off. I feel that I'm making headways, I sincerely do, but I said that too last year. @#$%^&*(

Gotta try harder, just gotta improve! Let's hope it's a different piece featured next time, not that I mind another on the 911 at all, but still, more IS more sometimes :p

Edit: WTH is up with Google Chrome and having no word-wraps? As cool as Chrome is, dismembered words are getting on my nerves. OCD at work again!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Faewell Earthlingz, fer ma shining spicechip haz arrived!


Was it spaceship? Sorry :D
No wheels, but still looks pretty damn fast, no? Swapped the original wheels back on today!

The Italians make pretty interesting boxes and wedges on wheels! Wait, I meant cars :p

BTW, IE8 farked up my desktop so I rolled back to IE7, but in the end they both farked up my computer together. Blogging from Google Chrome now, and I'm aware it looks a bit, well, different. Gonna try with Apple Safari later (Yes, I have half a dozen browsers on my comp due to the nature of my job, the geekiness!! My OCDness to have everything look at least half decent in all browsers known to humankind has nearly made the programmer wept quite a few times!). Microsoft, your new IE and MSN suck!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Evening, Streetlights, Rain, Mist, Rainbows...

Photobucket was an awesome sight, and there're actually 2 strips of rainbow! Rainbows coupled with the glow of the sun reflected on the rain-washed surfaces was unearthly, but my lousy phone camera is not worthy :(

Swooning over saloons

Citroen Xantia, Alfa Romeo 156, Mazda 6, all this pic needs is a Peugeot 406 in it! Ergh, the 156 is so handsome it hurts. NEED ONE. BADLY.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Turbo trouble. No more!

Replaced the turbo and the Xantia's back on the road! No more crazy exhaust smoke, and the engine oil level should stay normal now, I might not find out though. Benzs are comfortable, but having to wait 2 seconds for response every single time you turn the steering wheel or step on the brakes is freakin absurd, so I'm glad to finally drive something that actually responds. Now for the repaint!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Home alone...

... so the other "Me"s came to keep me company ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Bought this from a 7-Eleven during my previous trip to Thailand. Johnnie Walker Soda Mix. Tastes like heavily watered down Scotch whisky, with bubbles. Horrible. Eugh. Don't buy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wood + Glass + Light = Awesomeness!

Happy Bear asks: "What makes you so happy?"

Well, what makes you so happy?

Today, my answer is...


Dad scored this relatively new and rarely used display cupboard yesterday! It was effin heavy and huge! It was also effin huge and heavy! So huge it wouldn't fit into our own teeny 2-tonne lorry, so we had to rent a larger one. So heavy 4 strong men (Dad, Uncle Kim Kooi and Weng Kar, lorry driver) and one weakling (me) nearly strained our backs hoisting it up the lorry.

We moved the cupboard into the house today, fixed it up a bit, and went about transferring my bottle collection into it! Yep, I collect bottles! Unless you drink with me a lot, don't be surprised you don't know that even after having known me for years hehe, probably the only ones who know are the uncles I always drink with :p

I mentioned fixing the cupboard a bit; it was too heavy to be lifted up in one piece, so we took off some pieces to facilitate transport. This in turn left the cupboard structurally weaker during transport, and like I always say, whenever possible, things that can fark up, will most possibly fark up indeed. So, part of the top tier came off and fell on the road. Thankfully no cars or bikes were behind the lorry at that time; having wood the size of Rafidah's ass going for your face at 70kph probably isn't funny. Unless you're just a passerby, of course.

2 living rooms = more space to put junk! YAY!
Here it is now. The centre and right sections of the top tier fell off. Thanks to super-duper-ultra-deluxe-megazord good luck, the centre part came out of the ordeal pretty much unscathed, and we managed to put it back nicely today. The right part should be good too as soon as we replace 2-3 minor panels. The final step should be to add glass doors up front to keep dust out. And itchy hands.

This is from Dad's collection, super old, probably been around before I was even born. 太公钓鱼,愿者上钩. Kiong Tai Gong go fishing die die also must bring along a gigantic bottle of Martell can! The bottle was never opened but the liquor inside have all evaporated or something, it's totally dry inside. Dammit, Kiong Tai Gong drinks a lot! I think it's gonna be likewise with my other mini bottles of whisky, but what to do, I cannot bring myself to open and drink em *shrugs*.

Papa Dimple and Sonny Dimple! Btw, isn't that square crystal-like bottle with the knob top gorgeous? Dad used to have lots of those, but we only have two left now. Damn, not just cars and tools, they just don't make bottles like this anymore these days.

Hehe, and lastly for now, the Dunhill Speyside Blend!
Yea, THAT Dunhill. They figured if they couldn't kill you by damaging your lungs with ciggies, they can try the liver instead :p Nice bottle though, it's one of my favourite from my collection!


See if you can spot Happy Bear in pic 2 and 3 first! Winner gets a pat on the head from me! Or a kick in the ass, your call!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

giving up

It feels so wrong. So goddamn wrong. Am I even doing the right thing? I don't know. Fark.