Saturday, February 7, 2009


After receiving numerous emails asking why I haven't been blogging lately, I'm finally back!!

OK, so that was a lie. Nobody ever asked me why I've been missing. But that doesn't stop me from answering :p And, the reason is... Xenogears!


Yea, old game, but story-wise, I doubt there's anything on par with it, not even Final Fantasy my all time fave. I started playing a few days before CNY and have been glued in front of the PS2 since. I just completed it for the first time just now, and I've been hoping there'll be a New Game + option. I stared at the ending screen for 5 minutes. Nothing.



kev said...

thats really old man and fun, check out my previous msg :P lol

leong soon said...

Oh ok, so someone did wonder why I'm missing, lol, thanks!

Ivan said...

omg @_@ its been so long never see u edi where have u gone during CNY !? and about the meeting u said u have some other things to do and u were unable to attend to the YUM CHA MEETING with us ?? wat are u busy about =s

The only update on ur blog = this game and a few words =P anyway i've never play this game before =s so... but i do believe that my grandpa's TASTE is not that bad 1 hahaha =x

leong soon said...

I had something to do before the gathering and ended up in a super bad mood, so I decided I shouldn't show up and sour it up for you guys :p

LOl, anyway, the game was released in 1998, so it's OLD, but it's too damn good to be missed. Wanna play? I can lend you my PSone and the game disc hehehe, but not until I finish it again, I've started replaying it hehe!