Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two changes to my car

1. I finally threw out the stock music player and got a Pioneer unit installed, now I can just copy music into a thumbdrive, stick it in, and play!! Yay, no more hassle of burning CDs!! The old CD changer magazine is still in the boot though, so I'll have to take that out later. Anyway, it's pretty cool to finally be able to select tunes I like one the player again; the last CD player's kinda dead, only being able to play ONE SINGLE CD from the entire 12 in the magazine, sai lei dou.

2. Body mod! I installed a full puppy-powah-super-lala-ultra-batman bodykit on my car!!!! And I'm gonna paint my car Hot Pink next week!!!

Just jesting, I made my sister promise she'll learn how to drive a lorry and run me down with it if I ever did something like that.

Anyway, I was in the right lane. Lorry in center lane. Lorry turns right. Sohai (me) in right lane got sideswapped. YAY! Sounds like deja vu no? Fark, and it hasn't even been THAT long. Good thing I haven't repainted the car, so, smoothen out the fender, swap in a new signal lamp and I'm good to go. Paint is farked at the bumper but so is it on the roof, the doors, the fenders, the spoiler, hell, everywhere, it's not like more scratches are gonna make any difference, so I let the lorry driver off with just compensation for fender work and a new signal. Sounds very kind of me hor? I figured it was probably my fault trying to slip through beside the lorry too fast, and I'm lucky to get compensated at all. I'm feeling at fault, just a little :p

Oh, btw, I watched Andy Lau's "Look for a Star" with Yen last night, and while it was a pretty unrealistically fun movie, I still find Shu Qi annoying. I wish they'd put Ella Koon in the lead role instead, and wow, Macau looks really nice and charming huh, I wouldn't mind visiting now :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


After receiving numerous emails asking why I haven't been blogging lately, I'm finally back!!

OK, so that was a lie. Nobody ever asked me why I've been missing. But that doesn't stop me from answering :p And, the reason is... Xenogears!


Yea, old game, but story-wise, I doubt there's anything on par with it, not even Final Fantasy my all time fave. I started playing a few days before CNY and have been glued in front of the PS2 since. I just completed it for the first time just now, and I've been hoping there'll be a New Game + option. I stared at the ending screen for 5 minutes. Nothing.