Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still not time.

Went up the new Cameron Highlands route by myself just now. It's not working. Just passed the barricades and the car's started to overheat and exhaust smoke's getting more noticable. I can hear the turbine whirring but I'm not getting much boost. Forget the turbo seal, the engine is still crap.


Vince said...

Sorry but which car are you blogging about? You have many cars LOL.

Touge King said...

Yikes... Sell or don't sell, that is the question :P !

leong soon said...

Hi Vince, it's the Xantia, and thanks for visitting :)

NOT SELLLING!!! It's still in the survival phase, one day, people shall see it as the awesome car it was meant to be :)