Tuesday, December 2, 2008

See what I mean about chronological disarray?

I said I was gonna have breakfast with friends on Sunday morning at 9, but somehow I just couldn't trust the lot of them to be punctual, so I woke up earlier and joined my family for breakfast at Foh San with Uncle Leong n Kim Kooi instead. I SMSed Hoon Fei at 0840 and he said they're still awaiting Fei Yeah's call ^^

Played with Mui Mui a bitt at Yen's home, and off shopping we went later at Ipoh Parade, also went to kacau TK a bit at the roadshow :D After Yen had breakfast, we went strolling for baby goods :)

Yen's colleague Ee Lan gave birth while we're off in Thailand, so it's time we paid her a visit!

Say hi to baby Janis!

Cute, both of them :D

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