Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Once upon a time...

...Sohai was driving around a roundabout. Sohai noticed a car entering from the side. Sohai thought he should, but did not brake in time. Blind Aunty's car rammed into Sohai's car, with Sohai's car suffering most damage with a McD Spicy Chicken Foldover fender. Blind Aunty's car got away with a cracked signal and drooped bumper. Sohai was damn furious that Blind Aunty suggested he drive his car all the fucking way to Chemor so that Blind Aunty's friend can fix or mess up his fender more since she couldn't pay for repairs. Then Sohai noticed that Blind Aunty is pregnant. Of all the fucking times he should have stood his ground, Sohai being sohai went soft pulak. So he let Blind Aunty go with just a measly one sixty as compensation. Yea, even that stupid small blinker already cost forty bucks. Sohai is such a genius. Wait, Sohai is still sohai, he still wouldn't know better to step on the brakes once in a while. Dai gao sei. He's angry and miserable as hell but he knows better than to claim that he is not at fault at all.

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