Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Antique, seriously!

Grandma's back living with us for the time being after spending a long time between Johor and Singapore due to popular demand!

After dinner today, she gave Mom this:

In it are these parts for the Singer sewing machine that's been at our home for years, most parts are slightly used, but some are totally new! Grandma told me she bought it with the machine not long after my eldest uncle was born, that's when she showed me the original receipt of purchase:

1954!! That was 54 years ago!!!! Bought by my late grandfather! Woot! Grandma really keeps stuff in good condition! I'm also amazed how the receipt has survived the years and not turned to crumbs yet!


Touge King said...

That's really really nice!

Awesome find. Grandma must have other stuff under her sleeves :P

leong soon said...

Under the sleeves? Nah. Under the pillow and bed? Yeah :D

ku-ru said...

wow...not cheap toooooooo

leong soon said...

I thought so too, but Grandma said they bought it for cheap, hm...

kev said...

haha, awesome stuff, now wheres that singer sewing machine, i used to have one at home too

leong soon said...

The sewing machine's at my home now, just outside my room :)