Sunday, November 9, 2008


Been busy again lately (I seem to say this a lot, but it's true!!) and I've been going out a lot, so here's a jot for my own reference :D

Anna's birthday falls on 1st of November, and so we had a gathering of sorts at MP on Saturday evening. Anna and Yip had lots of friends over that night, and we actually took up 3 tables! I was super-stuffed that night; took lots of food, but it turned out nobody else wanted what I picked, so I had to stuff em all down myself. Hmrrpph, from now on I shall be selfish and only pick food for myself, cehhhhhhhh :(

3rd of November was Zheng Wei's birthday, so the gang planned a simple dinner and celebration for him in Ipoh Garden East. I'll admit I suck; I've passed the diner countless times and have been there twice, but I still know not the name of it, it's located right behind Sky Corner though :p I arrived late after work, picking Sis up, bank, dinner with family and yada yada, so I only got to spend slightly more than an hour with the group before everybody left. Anyway, it was great meeting them again, after 2 weeks, sure felt a lot more like 2 months!

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