Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rust and shine!

Saw this Uncle Wai's workshop today. With a name like Walzflex you'd have thought it's a product from some European nation or the sort, well, wrong, hey, it's actually Japanese, and it's over 50 years old too, how cool!! Dang, I didn't know Uncle Wai didn't want it, Dad told me he just picked it up randomly from the workshop floor!! I'm gonna ask Uncle Cheong to get it for me then, doesn't matter if it's rusty or non-functional anymore, I love rusty, stylish junk, just hope Uncle Wai hasn't thrown it away :D

Btw, those interested can read more about the camera here. It's a pretty charming looking piece of gadget!


kev said...

nice, old camera, too bad u cant refurb the camera though

leong soon said...

Really? Haha, but I think I actually have enough "skillzzzz" to make it shine again, don't think I can restore functionality though, we'll see, it should be fun :D