Monday, October 27, 2008

Car wash

Went rallying!!!

Nah, just jesting, I'd most probably have crashed into a tree or suffered a horrible fate if I did with my driving skillzzzzzzzzzz, or lack thereof.

I love rain, but I hate the mud that comes with it, and coupled with the current roadworks being carried out in my neighbourhood, this is the worst time of all to want a shiny car. The contractors are so good and fast at digging and covering up holes you won't believe it. Roads get blocked up partially, then totally, then cleared, then blocked again, then cleared again. Holes appear, pipes go in, hole disappears, hole appears somewhere else. Going home felt like gymkhana, and I must have went through at least 4 patterns just in Saturday. Anyway, I like the roadwork guys, this bunch really do their job well. They clean and cover up the roads properly after digging em up, they place signboards and warning lights at the appropriate places, and traffic controllers are everywhere all day, even in the night, as long as roadworks are being carried out. Kudos to them, I appreciate their thoughtfulness. Hell, maybe I'm too jaded, but I wasn't expecting to see this type of standard in Malaysia at all. They're just too good to be true here, more of such responsible people and Malaysia will be a very pleasant place, if it's not asking too much. Guess there're still standards in Malaysia hor, surprise surprise.

Dirt + mud + brake dust = a very sad looking car + unhappy me

And so, since I already need a bath after coming back from a haircut, I (SURPRISE) got off my lazy butt and washed my car, under the sun!

Loads of sand, grease, soap, water and mouthful of profanities, and about an hour later:
I never knew the wheelwells could hold so so very much mud. Mud fell out in chunks when I hosed up the wheelwells and brushed em up. Scary. It's like not cleaning your ears for a year and then suddenly discovering how much wax you have in those cavities.

I like this pic. It's underexposed and dark, so it hides all the flaws and lets me perceive the form that I enjoy without reminding me how farked up the entire bodywork and paint really is, so sad but so true.

Washed the car in the afternoon, had to drive Mom out at night, so it came back with dust all over again :( I thought it could at least stay clean until Sunday morning. The LHM also started spurting again after coming back from drinks tonight. Need to send the car to the hospital again tomorrow morning, wonder if they open on Deepavali. Even after all that tender loving care, my car still hates me. Damn.


kev said...

nice and clean mate :D

leong soon said...

...just for a few hours, didn't stay that way for very long :D