Monday, September 8, 2008

Xantia service record

Today, I wrote the one longest entry into my darn jalopy's service record...
Got the car back after 17 agonizing days, and with so many repairs, you'll think the car will be fine for quite some time now, no? WRONG! Very long story short, I spent 3 hours getting some minor stuff fixed again after collecting it on Saturday afternoon, and it went on into the evening. Drove it home, and it fucking sputtered all the fresh LHM outta it's veins again on Sunday morning. Drove it back again and collected it today after a LHM hose replacement and new RPM sensor. It's funny seeing the stupid needle moving again after nearly 2 years, but now that the engine's overhauled I need it to see the difference.

...I gave up a 156 for it, so it had better effin' stay perfectly, albeit abnormally healthy at least for now and not fark around with me anymore, damn it!

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