Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visit to Taiping

Went to Taiping to attend a funeral and visit some relatives while at it today. We all had a good chee cheong fun breakfast in Gunung Rapat, then set off to Taiping in Dad's 116 280S. Sitting in the rear passenger seat of that car feels just as weird as sitting in the rear passenger seat of my Xantia; I'm too used to driving and having the car all to my own :p

Once we'd reached Taiping, Mom & Dad had some problems finding the way since we all haven't visited the town in years, so much's changed! We eventually found our way though, after a slight detour.

Mom chatting with a very animated Grandaunt. She's 90 years old, couldn't walk much due to joint pains, but she's still going very strong! Mom used to live in this house for a year back when she was studying in Taiping! Dad was also here then, dealing with trucks, it's been about 30 years since! Anyway, Grandaunt kept speaking to me, Dad, Bro & Sis in Hokkien, and while Dad could understand some, he couldn't speak. Grandaunt would speak to us in Cantonese whenever we explained we don't understand Hokkien and many other dialects like Mom, but after a while she'll revert to speaking to us in Hokkien again. Scratched our heads real good this time, LOL!

I didn't take pics, but man, do I love these houses in places like Taiping and Sungai Siput; they're spacious, neat, well-ventilated and brightly lit, there's an automatic sense of comfort in these houses!

We got our drinks in these mugs:

Er... 猪朋狗友? LOL, couldn't think of any nice combination for this 2. Mugs are cute though :)

Cousin aunt's pet dog. Awfully adorable, very obedient too!!

After attending the funeral, we had lunch at a seafood restaurant, and left for Ipoh again. I met up with Yen for lunch at Secret Recipe in Jusco, and bought Mom a wallet from Fossil! While they're nice and all, I think the wallets and watches at Fossil's a bit overpriced, or maybe I've always gotten stuff cheap. Whatever, hope Mom likes my gift, at least for once I didn't spend my money on model kits or diecasts :D

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