Saturday, September 20, 2008

Theng and Ring's Birthday!

Woot, seems like there're quite a lot of birthdays lately. Ring and a couple other friends' birthday was yesterday, the 18th, Theng, Uncle Kim Kooi, and PJ, a friendly girl from college, all turn a year older today, on the 19th! Keng Lam, the quiet boy, is having his turn on Monday!

We sneaked into an unoccupied room in college and enjoyed the cake this afternoon! Not many were around today, only me, Poh, Darren, Eric, Wennice, Amy, and of course Ring & Theng, the birthday girls!

Wennice brought her camera but the batteries were flat, so smart of her, so we all relied on our crappy handphone cameras :p

Here's Darren having his slice of the cake. Directly from the platter. Using the cake knife :D

Yen came soon enough and we all had lunch at Lavender, pretty nice afternoon!

And oh, today, for the first time, there's a car ownership to my name. No, the car's not mine. Just helping out a bit :D I hope I can own a car with my own money soon though. Gotta slack less :)

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