Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random musings on a sleepless night

1. Day 3 of part-time job. Wow, apart from my parents, I hadn't worked for anybody else for more than 4 years now, and this is my first part-time job. It's actually pretty cool, being able to concentrate on something new, and getting results that I myself am satisfied with. I don't suck so much at web-design after all. Thanks again for the offer, TK!

2. It's funny, just like in movies, people who you've always thought you know will suddenly seem distant. People who've been out of your life for what seems like a good portion of it, suddenly comes back in, and sometimes you feel like you've never truly been apart at all.

As a totally unrelated side, grab every chance you get. Case in point; Hoon Fei's been interested in this cute girl at Ipoh Padang Kopitiam for sometime now, but he's always been kinda shy to ask her name lar. Just when he's decided he should make a move tonight, the girl wasn't there anymore. Well, sometimes the chance will return. Maybe the girl just wasn't on today's shift, we shall see, in time.

3. My car might really be a piece of crap after all. The steering wheel started vibrating at moderate speeds. Yes. Again. I think something broke. Yes. Again. Yes. I realise it's only been 3 days since I got it back.

4. I yawned throughout the day, and here I am, positively up and alert at 0126, what gives?

5. I've been cussing a lot again lately. At everything and anything. Need to stop.

6. Hardly a day passes now without me pondering death, not mine la, just people in general. Wth? This is so not normal. There's this dreadful feeling I hate whenever I think of it. Anyway, I've stopped downing Sheridans with 2 cubes of ice before going off to bed, Strawberry milk is actually quite good. Not that it helps me sleep better.

7. I used to think Olivia Newton John's Have You Never Been Mellow was blah. Weird, that's exactly the song that makes me slow down and happy nowadays.

8. A teeny bit of patience goes a long way in making things better. Work. Model kits. Relationships. Just don't cook your Cintan mee for too long.

9. No idea if you're reading this, but for the 4th time, Wendy, I'm sorry, it was an extremely not-funny and lousy joke on my part this morning. You know my mouth is very celupar at times. Sorry.

10. I'm extremely lucky. I know I am. I am thankful that I am thankful. I don't believe in god or higher beings, my life is not as great and easy as it appears to some people, but I am thankful I can always look at the bright side of things, and that I don't think the whole world is conspiring against me. Recently, someone told me I'm a man of principles. But is that true? Screw la, if principles also a set of very loose principles lar. I think I just happen to have a preference for all things positive, that's all.

The little things in life that turn out great, makes life great.

Sounds so philosophical hor, diu, if it wasn't for these silent moments of reflection, I'd never know I am actually so effin' wise. And I need to put a lot of effort with #5.


Touge King said...

I have long admired your work. We are lucky to have you helping us :)

About the Citroen, no doubt, it is a cool car, but I think it is time to get another more, ahem, RELIABLE car... You don't have to sell the Xantia, but buying a KE70 probably wouldn't hurt ;)

leong soon said...

Haha, couldn't have improved if you and Joe didn't give me the chance and time to try :)

LOL, if we all buy KE70s, the uncles and aunties will have nothing to drive to Foh San and the markets lo!