Monday, September 15, 2008

I bought a set of new earphones!!!

...and so did hundreds of others, at PC fair today. The jam in the parking was ridiculous, I just parked further up across the road and walked over, needed the exercise anyway. The crowd was worse once inside; I think I spent more than 5 minutes inching my way thru a 40 feet distance to get to Fanny. Alas, Fanny's store hasn't got what I need, so I had to buy em from elsewhere. Got a new multimedia headset so Mom & Dad could use Skype, MSN chat. Deal at RM18, at this price, I'm not expecting it to last beyond this year, since I intend to pick up a better set later on anyway :p The accesories offering at most booths nowadays is horrendous. I don't think I've seen so many cheap knockoffs and low-end products before, while all the decent or higher-end stuff are nowhere in sight. Seriously, is there really no demand for some decent stuff nowadays? Walk into any PC store in Ipoh nowadays and chances are they'll only have some really cheap ass, low-quality Made In China or Taiwan mouse and headphones dangling from the rack. I can't stand the look of those, let alone hold em for hours on end, no thank you.

Anyway, ask for decent and you shall receive :D
Nice hor? SonicGear headphones. I bought it because it looked pretty well-built and nice. The travel case looked pretty darn attractive too ^^ The salesgirl was a college junior, I think she threw in a bit more free gifts into my bag than any other customer at that time got :p Tried the earphones once I got home, and the sound's ok. Ok only lo, nothing to shout about, the Creative headphones Jessie picked up from Singapore sounded crispier, and my old (but dead) Altec Lansings definitely sounded way better, and it's got a fuller bass punch! Hehe, I think I'll pick up a new Altec Lansing set from Fanny's place later. Until then, I'll just enjoy the SonicGear earphones. Hey, even if it doesn't sound great, at least it looks sweet!!!

Edit 0927 16092008: Hey, what do you know? I'm a sakai, so I've been wearing the earphones improperly until yesterday afternoon!! Once I've got the earbuds changed to a smaller set and wore the earphones at a proper angle, the sound's really nice. It's clearer, still not as crisp as the Creatives, but I like the subtle bass punch. It's actually pretty decent, I like!

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