Friday, September 5, 2008

Colours, colours, yummy colours :)



I was bored. Very bored. Then an idea came. Then I acted. Then I uploaded. Then you all reading this are probably =.=" now. Yay, whatever, so colourful! I didn't realise I'd set so many windows in different colours over time! I wish laptops, handphones, TVs, ovens, fridges, aircons, trees, condoms, toilet bowls, toenail clips, elephants and even polar bears come in THIS many colours, though I'd still just go with black or white in the end :p We need more variety, it'll make our lives more colourful! More dazzling! More vivid! More lively!! Probably more boh liao and gay too, but who cares, colours are so pretty!


Anonymous said...

damn free lo u

leong soon said...

The correct word is boh liao :D