Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm 22, I'm old~~~

Crisis Mode ON:
I'm old I'm old I'm old!!! I'm effin' 22 years old already!!!! Gahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crisis Mode OFF:
Hm, no use lamenting that fact now, I've been slouching a lot and haven't achieved a lot of things I expect I'd have completed by 22. Damn. Let's hope the plans for my pre-25th birthday won't end up the same.

On-a-brighter-note Mode ON:
Since it's my birthday, Kai Ye and Kai Ma treated me, Yen & my family to dinner at Scotch! Food's good of course :)

My cake! Sis selected it, Mom & Dad bought it for me!



After dinner with Kai Ma & Kai Ye, I rushed home, took a bath, and set off with Yen again! We reached Sky Corner, which Ivan told me about earlier, but it turned out to be a dining place and we've all had dinner, so we went for drinks at Precious Time just behind instead. The rest arrived late, as usual, so I had to wait for them to arrive =.="

Vamp VS Zombie!!

Me, my dear :)

Looky! I got a T-shirt, and a 1/32 diecast Lamborghini Gallardo!!! The T-shirt's pretty cool; the original ink & brush drawing is done by a Japanese artist, and I really love the style a lot, it's kinda similar to the black & white marker drawing styles I favour, so kewl!

Gift presentation!!!

Yen with the bling bling sushis she made for me, so cute! I like them a lot, I haven't seen bling bling sushis before I think, so they're quite unique :D :D Thanks dear!

One of the last pics we took before the batteries in Wennice's camera went flat!

There wasn't any celebration this year because I really wasn't in the mood, but still, gotta thank my friends for calling me out for drinks. Thanks a lot for the wishes everybody, be it late, extremely early, while you're busy with so many things, or even those who'd wished me at least 4 times in one day, LOL! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


Touge King said...

Happy birthday buddy :)!

leong soon said...

Thank you very muchie!!!

TougeDK said...

Happy birthday boy ! U're a man now haha

leong soon said...

Hey, thanks for the wishes Felix :)

Wong C. MartiN said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
All the best in the coming years :)
22 still young ok.

leong soon said...

Hehe, thanks man!