Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Updates, pointless ramblings, departure of a friend...

I haven't been updating my blog much lately, not because there's nothing happening around me, but it's quite the opposite, and so I have been dedicating less time for updates, so here's a quick run-up just for my own records, do read if you're just plain bored, I'll guarantee you'll be bored shitless after this :p

Yes, there's still that, I'm back in stupid Sunway taking Electronic Publishing on Mondays and Packaging Design on Fridays now, and come September, I'd finally have amassed that annoying 90 credit points I need to graduate.

4 years+ for a goddamn stupid diploma, omfgwtfhbbqdoryfishfilletwithlobstersauce. So farkin long, a primary schoolmate who got out of secondary a year later than me would have completed his 4 year degree program in the same course then. Yes it is my fault I took so long to repeat and resit some subjects, but on the most part it's because Sunway farked up our results and schedule in the first place.

Classes and assignments are simple, so most of the time I'm just in the class talking crap with Ivan, Bou & Jet Sze. Since I'm taking classes with the juniors, there's also quite a lot of amusement in class but damn, new students these days are so NOT professional and their work is so cincai, makes me wonder where their hearts are, really.

Business sucks, work sucks, government sucks, rising fuel prices and the domino effect it has on prices of everything else sucks, everybody knows that, but we all need to eat, make a living, and have fun, so, what to do leh? Just bite the bullet and effin' stop yapping la please. If there's only so much you could do to save expenses, it's about time you thought of how to earn more instead. I'm still having it easy because my parents are paying for my car repairs and fuel, telephone bill, put a roof above my head and feed me, but then again I'm probably the most frugal person in the house, and I'm still doing my part to conserve and I'm working hard as always; I pride myself for jobs well done, so be it work or school, I'm not slacking, not much, according to my standards, anyway. Anyhow, I'll need to put more effort and earn more fast, gotta be really independent soon.

Well, same as always, still balancing time between friends from secondary school, college, courses etc etc, been catching up more with the bunch from 3D lately. Chee Keong invited me to his birthday party at Kbox on Sunday nite but I forgot!!! OMFG, so sorry Chee Keong if you're reading this, will bou sou later k?

Anyway, got back late from a happy Saturday nite celebrating Yen's birthday. Was about to sleep but something in Facebook caught my eye and it's really saddening. Joshua informed me a former colleague of mine from Henkel, Vana, had just succumbed to her illness that very evening and had died. Seriously, I had been so happy all night, and suddenly, those happy feelings felt so distant and vague.

Come Sunday morning, I was waiting for Joshua at the Buntong roundabout. He then led me to where some other colleagues were waiting with their cars parked by the road, and then we just went to Vana's house in just two cars since we don't want to clog the road up. I met Loo, Yip, Kim Kee, Helen, Yoke Mei, Jennifer, Hoe See and Yin, haven't seen them in ages, so it's kinda fun meeting them again, just too bad we had to meet under such circumstances. Foo Leng, Thina, & Siva were already at the house when we arrived, and Bala came not too long later too. Julie George and Saro came a lot later.

Vana still looked like how I remembered her; a jolly, plump lady, albeit very colourless and slightly bloated now, and I know it's so so very cliche, but she really did look as if she was in a peaceful sleep. She was a funny lady, always full of joy and chatty. She likes her coffee so much that she'd once exited the office building during a fire alarm, only AFTER she'd finished her cup of fresh coffee. Wtf rite? Fortunately, it's just one of those fire drills we always had going at the company, otherwise, I don't reckon anyone would put a cup of coffee above their lives. There wasn't much going on at Vana's house, no service no nothing since her family is still awaiting for her brother's return, everybody were spending time outside while Joshua, me, and a few others helped lift the coffin quite a few times to get it set up right.

We spent 2 hours at Vana's house, after which we left and went to buy some kacang putih from one of the many household industries in the area. I was totally clueless about the place before this, but I'm glad I tagged along; it was my first time bags upon bags of kacang putih, and the machines used to produce them, I took some pics, but my phone camera is hopeless as always :D

Dang, I just made myself sleepy typing all this, time to stop :D

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