Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New gear shift knob for my car!

Last weekend, I noticed that the gear knob on my car has started cracking, again.

It's still usable for the moment, but it irritates me to no end whenever I get into my car and see the cracks, plus, it's also very distracting because I keep feeling the cracks whenever I shift, and will unconsciously look at the knob, even when driving, and even though I do not drive very fast, I HATE distractions when driving.

So, I couldn't stand it anymore, and bought a new one!

I went into the accessory shop, and asked for something "black, has a leather feel to it, no mushroom head design, no ass vibrator stick design, no titanium-golfball-of-death design, no Green Goblin grenade design, no chrome, no anodised colours, no pretentious "sports-inspired" design, no fake carbon fibre pattern, no TRD emblems, no Type R words, no MUGEN POWER, no NISMO emblems, no M3 or M5 powah emblem, no lala multi-colour LEDs, no fake carbon fibre pattern, no fake luxurious wood design, no bling, no this no that, no Hello Kitty no Mickey Mouse head designs" yada yada yada. Fortunately, the owner of the shop was Yen's brother, or I would have been thrown out even before I was halfway thru stating my requirements. Anyway, with so many conditions, I was only left with two choices, and I got this:
Oh look! It's a MOMO leather knob! And a sports-inspired design one, too! I got this one only because the two MOMO logos are facing the dashboard and handbrake respectively, so they are not very visible.

Overall, I think everything but the aluminium ring under blends in quite well with the car's interior. It's just the top end of the shift gaiter that is bugging me now; it just keeps falling down because the new knob is shorter and has no structure to hold the gaiter up, it's just held together with cable tie now, but it still slips. I'll figure something out later.

...oh, and yes, it's a fakey! Ergh, I feel kinda ah beng now. Cincai la, I don't think I'll use it for long anyway. The new know only costs RM45, less than half the price of a stock, new one. I'll probably switch it out when I've found a nicer one. I kinda like this design, I think it's simple and nice, but I still want a more understated shift knob, suits my underpowered oil-burner better :D

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