Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New gear shift knob, continued :)

Right, so I had a new gear shift knob installed, but that left me with the shift gaiter hanging loose, and revealing an unsightly metal stick between knob and gaiter. Even though I only drove the car to work and back today, this, too, irritated me!

So, after getting home, I removed the gear knob and gaiter, looking for a way to attach the two together. Then I felt stupid. The solution was staring at me in the face all the time. It was so easy!

Just take this:

Undo the screw cover, then do this:
There! Just invert the cover and it would hold the gaiter properly!

I just removed the cap, slid the gaiter onto the gear knob neck, and screwed the cover back on, inverted of course.


See? It was that simple, and the gaiter would be put in place securely, so no more unsightly aluminium ring or shift stick metal showing!

Yay! I'm pretty satisfied with how it looks now, so I probably won't be getting a new knob anytime soon. Wish I'd thought of it earlier!

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