Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hapi Burfdey to!!

YAY!! My oft-neglected blog is finally one year old! ONE YEAR!!! OMFG, that's, like, 365 days?? Never thought I'd stick to blogging this long; I thought I will not last more than 6 months, but now, it's one year old baybeee!!! And I nearly missed it too, good thing I checked the archives a bit! This calls for some kinda celebration, a blog redesign, maybe, we'll see, kinda busy now. Everybody, say Happy Birthday to!!!! What? You're too intelligent to do something so retarded? OK, it's fine I guess :p OK, enough retardedness of blog being one year old, nite everybody!


Touge King said...

Congrats, keep it up :)!

leong soon said...

Thanks! And Happy Birthday to you!