Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A childhood dream come true!!

I think it is, or something like that lar, and it came in thru the largest package I've received from Japan, ever! As kids, me and Bro had each a mech model from the Nadesico series, and being kids, it's gotta be the coolest toys we've ever got. Also, being kids, we played with the models a lot, being kids, we were kinda rough when playing, and being kids, it is only natural that we eventually broke the model kits :(

I donno about Bro, but I've always wanted to collect the whole set of 5, but being a kid means having no money to spend on toys, and by the time I started saving up my own money for stuff, the kits have been discontinued from production and are no longer available for sale :(

Anyway, recently I discovered that in conjuction with the latest Nadesico movie release or something to that effect, Ban Dai has started a re-issue of the old kits to complement the newer models. I was so excited and ordered the whole original kit series almost instantly!

Nadesico Aestivalis set
The lineup!

Nadesico Aestivalis Set
Closeup of the kits!

Ground Battle Aestivalis
Ground Battle Aestivalis! This is the regular version and also the one Bro used to have, and he liked it a lot, though I used to think that it's pretty gay; it being pink and all :p

0G Battle Aestivalis
0G Battle Aestivalis. I've never watched the anime, but this is supposedly a regular Aestivalis equipped for extra maneuvrebility in zero gravity combat.

Artillery Battle Aestivalis
Artillery Battle Frame Aestivalis. This is a very durable version of the Aestivalis, heavily equipped for offense and defense, sacrificing mobility in return. Looks darn cool and tough, this must be the most interesting kit to me now!

Aerial Battle Aestivalis
Aerial Battle Frame Aestivalis. This version is specially equipped for aerial mobility! Don't really like the looks of this one other than the colour scheme, but still, it's part of the set and so, it's a must have! Weird, I'm collecting kits of mechs from a series I've never watched :p

Akatuki Custom Aestivalis
Akatsuki Custom Aestivalis. I know it's written Akatuki on the box, but everywhere else I read, it's Akatsuki ;) It's supposed to be a 0G Battle version, albeit highly customised to fit the preferences of a character from the series. This is the model I used to have, and even though the model has since been long broken and lost, just like Bro's, I still have the paper box it came in, albeit a bit faded and oxidised!!

Well, since these kits require some paint work to look proper, and I'm busy lately, these will have to sit and wait for a while. I'm developing a habit of hoarding model kits already :p


kev said...

heh didnt know u liked anime and nadesico too. anything by keiji gotoh is my fave. i collected most of the uta-kata stuffs though. now waiting for kiddy grade 2

leong soon said...

Hiya! Haha, yes I like anime, but sadly I haven't got much time to watch many of them, so my knowledge is limited to just a few series. Nadesico I've never watched before too, but I just love the mechs like I do with Vandread and the ZOE series :)